Q1 What does do?

In the lifecycle of an agricultural product, there are many products, services and techniques involved. A product (such as an Onion) is to be first cultivated. For a good yield, one requires know how and techniques to maximise output. This may involve good practices, machinery for sowing, irrigation, fertilisers, machinery again for picking and sorting, packaging, storage and then transportation to a farmers market at a local area or a distant area to the the extend of another country. For that one also requires know of Import Export procedures which by themselves are a task. Vegfru helps you fulfil one or all of these above mentioned needs and then some. It is a facilitator for growth for any business operating in the agricultural domain.

Q2 Does Vegfru buy or sell products themselves such as Fruits or Vegetables or even Machinery?

No, Vegfru does not buy or sell any Product or Service. Vegfru has a huge database of providers for Products and Services and we can help you connect with them with ease for your business needs.

Q3 Does Vegfru provide Consultancy Services?

Yes, Vegfru has a panel of in house experts lead by our Director, Mr. Anil Chopra, who has worked in this industry for over 40 years during the early years upto the expansion of outlet chains such as Mother Dairy and Reliance Fresh. We also have a great network of external Consultants across all fields.

Q4 Is free to use?

Yes, is completely free to use. You may browse the website for Service Providers or Fruits and Vegetable small and large vendors for local or bulk requirements.

Q5 Can I list my Business on

Yes, you can. You can either register yourself and set up your own account which lists your Products and Services or you can get in touch with us and we’ll set it up for you.

Q6 How soon will my enquiry be tended to?

Your enquiry would be tended to within a maximum of 48 Hours.