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Located in the ancient Vindhya range of mountains, the farm is isolated, surrounded by jungle, and cradled by a beautiful river that is fed by natural springs. We practice organic farming in order to protect this beautiful environment with which we are blessed and are delighted to share these gifts of the earth with you. The Farm is currently one of the largest privately owned organic farms in In dia with over 350 acres under cultivation. It is situated in the rolling hills of southeastern Uttar Pradesh, 108 kilometers from the ancient holy city of Banares. The cultivated area is surrounded by bush jungle and forest and is free from air, water and industrial pollution.

The jungle that surrounds our farm is home to many indigenous trees and plants, most of which have medicinal value. There are ongoing reforestation programs that we have initiated so that this beautiful jungle can be preserved.

We are blessed with a beautiful seasonal river that is fed by underground springs. As this is a drought-affected area, we are also actively engaged in water management and conservation. Many check dams have been built which ultimately form lakes and recharge the aquifer. Maintaining a clean and abundant water supply through conservation, rainwater harvesting and reforestation is the key to successful propagation of all plant life This is our goal.
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