Ample International

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Main Product
Vegetables, Fresh Red Onion, Fruits
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Factory Warehouse location
Chintamani, Chickbalapur District, Karnataka,India
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Ample International is established in 2012 as a company exporting vegetables and fruits. Which is a sister concern of kmi group (estd-1976) headed by Mr. Mohammed Ilyas (chairman) manufacturers of silk yarn, silk products, silk waste (kibisu). The company maintains operations from its head office in Bangalore, branch offices in Dubai & Canada. Ample international is one of India's leading manufac turers and exporters of fresh vegetables and fruit. The company provides a wide selection of delicious fresh produce available in South India, both seasonal and all year round types, including drumsticks, tindly, okra ,broccoli, snake gourd, bitter gourd, bottlegourd, capsicum, beans, gawar, fresh onions, small onion, Bangalore rose onion, curry leaves, mango’s, watermelon, jack fruit and others to serve demand in overseas markets. The company exports 90% of its output to countries in Middle East, Asia, Europe, Canada and America. Employing a total of 20 employees including three quality assurance staff. ..Read More ..Read Less

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