Competent AgriSolutions Pvt Ltd

74, Vidya Vihar, Sector-9, Rohini, India Delhi 110085 Company
74, Vidya Vihar, Sector-9, Rohini, India Delhi 110085

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Service provider
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Dinesh Bhatia
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Competent was an Indian company founded by experts with a recent past at leading Agribiz companies. Competent offers practical, specialised, highly flexible, scalable, and cost effective consulting and supply chain services to entrepreneurs, Indian SMEs and multinationals to establish or expand or revamp their Food & Agri Business in India.

Competent provides consulting & technical advisory se
rvices, strategy, contacts, knowledge resources to companies to enter any new agri business sector or sub sector. Competent provides key access to decision-makers, human resources for quick roll out and strategic analysis of business opportunities to sail through even the most complex business transactions smoothly.

Competent combines various elements for successful Agribiz development and operations to provide you total services, from initial planning right through farm to infrastructure to the market place.
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