Indian Saffron Processing Industry

Bagander Pampore India Jammu and kashmir 192121 Sole Proprietorship
Bagander Pampore India Jammu and kashmir 192121
Sole Proprietorship

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Saffron,Wallnuts,Herbs,Almonds,Kashmiri Mogra,Lacha Kashmiri,Wallnut Kernals,Sweet Almond Kernals,Bitter Almond
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Industrial growth centre lasipora pulwamma
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Mohmmad Tajamul Masoodi
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Indian saffron industry, a renowned name in the world of excellence and purity, is the unit of Masoodi dry fruit processing center who are the best deals in the field of walnuts, almonds, seeds and herbs, particularly saffron. These are the units located in the heart of the saffron town, Pampore called Bagander. The products of the unit need no description because their purity and crystal-clear l ooks speak for them. The unit owner possesses more than 10 hectares of land on which these varieties are cultivated. Cultivation is done in the most proper way so as to provide the purest grade of these products to our esteemed customers .During this process, supervision of experts is also made possible. The outer environment of the place is favorable and thus, our products get nurtured in their native environment. The temperature does not exceed 35 degrees, so these varieties grow safely.
There is a huge diversity in our products. We are committed to fulfill all the needs of people in herbs, seeds and dry fruits. These varieties of ours are exported at reasonable rates, keeping in view the demand for these products. The herbs we sell are taken from the world famous Himalayas. The almonds and walnuts exported by our unit taste sweeter than sugar. Our saffron is one of its kind in the whole world. These features cannot be found in any other unit.
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