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Micro Irrigation Systems, Plastic Pipes & Products, Agro Processed Products, Renewable Energy solutions, Tissue Culture Plants, Financial Services
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V K Laaf

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Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd is a diversified entity with turnover in excess of 1 Billion USD. We have a Globalpresence with 30 manufacturing bases spread over 4 continents. Our products are supplied to 116 countries with able assistance from 6700 dealers and distributors worldwide. We have reached over 4.5 million farmers.

We are the second largest Micro-Irrigation company in the world. The Mi
cro-Irrigation Division manufactures a full range of precision-irrigation products. Provides services from soil survey, engineering design to agronomic support. Nurtures a sprawling 2000 acre Hi-Tech Agri Institute; a Farm Resource R&D, Demo, Training & Extension Centre we also undertake turnkey projects for agricultural and irrigation development with holistic & integrated approach. Over 1500 agri and irrigation scientists, engineers and technicians are engaged in offering services for complete or partial project planning and implementation e.g Watershed Development through Wasteland Transformation, including crop agronomy, protected cultivation etc.

Jain Irrigation is also the largest manufacturer of Plastic pipe in India covering a wide range of pipes and fittings. We annually process over 300,000 MT of various polymers. We extrude pipe/sheet and inject the molds of PVC, PE, PP & CPVC along with other engineering polymers like Polycarbonate, Polyamide, PBT, ABS etc. We are a Total Solution Provider for various plastic Piping systems that are used in conveyance of fluids, semisolids, gases and cables.

The Tissue Culture Division produces 80 million plantlets of Banana at full capacity and has established matching primary and secondary hardening facilities as well as independent R&D and virology labs. Similarly a modern Bio- tech lab equipped with all modern and state of art facilities meet the needs of continuous genetic improvement and validation program in cultivators of onion, banana, mango , pomegranate etc.

We also process tropical fruits like mango, banana, pomegranates into purees, concentrates, juices and IQF products. The Dehydration Facility dehydrates Onions & Vegetables. The Spray Drying Unit processes gooseberry and other fruit purees into powders.

Agricultural and Fruit Processing waste is converted into biogas to generate power of 1.6MWcapacity along waste heat for refrigeration and soil conditioner. We care for sustainable farming, a system we profess and practice under the aegis of JAINGAP. In first year of operation, Our non banking finance corporation SAFL has disbursed more than 30 million USD for small holder to adopt agriculture inputs including micro irrigation.

Jain Irrigation is the only company in India which is not only a Pioneer manufacturer of hi-tech agricultural inputs but aIso a Total Agri-Service provider, Training and Extension Institute, large farm cultivator and an Agricultural Consultancy organization. It is through such multi-dimensional activity profile that Jain Irrigation nurtures the complete agri value chain and has become a One-Stop Hi-tech Agri Shop.
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