Pennwalt Limited

J-19, Saket, India Delhi 110017 Company
J-19, Saket, India Delhi 110017

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Controlled Atmosphere Storage Systems, Fruit Processing Plants, Juice Extraction
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Harbans Lal
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Pennwalt Ltd. was incorporated in 1959 and established its marketing, manufacturing and Research & Development Center in 1978 for the production of its full range of separation Equipment for Chemical Processing applications, Bio Technology applications, Municipal & Industrial Effluent Treatment Applications encompassing the Decanter Centrifuge, the High-Tubular-Bowl Centrifuge, Vibrating Screen a nd Turnkey Process Plants at its modern manufacturing factory in Navi Mumbai. It also manufactures water Chlorinators and Peristaltic Hose Pumps to International Standards, It further carries out a full range of corrosion resistant Floro, polymer lining and coatings on Chemical Process Equipment. ..Read More ..Read Less

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