Royalasia marketing international

C-34,new fruit market azadpur India Delhi 110033 Company
C-34,new fruit market azadpur India Delhi 110033

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Imported Fruits Product
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Raj Kumar Dubey
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RoyalAsia Marketing International traces its origin back to 1940's when its parental company started business by the name "HUNDRAJMAL & SONS". This name has earned a great recognition and respect into the fruit business across India. We are dealers of bulk and custom packed fruits and have a well established name across the growers/vendors & suppliers mainly with different varieties of apples & m angoes. Later the company expanded its horizons to include many more varieties of fruits. We pride ourselves in being present across the whole value chain with a deep understanding of business and a rich inheritance. Our scope of activities span across the whole value chain. Some of our roles include Commission Agents of fresh fruits, Fresh fruits processors, cold chain providers, Customized fruit baskets and Import of all kinds of fruits from across the world. ..Read More ..Read Less

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