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Alphonso Mangoes (Sun Impex Netherlands B.V.)



Being a farmers ourselves we are closely associated with farmers and suppliers across the Country. We are involved in manufacturing of organic fertilizers, bio pestisides, bio products and providing services right from initial stages of farming to supply of finished products on time. We offer a different range of organic inputs for sustainable agriculture & horticulture. These products specifical ly address the serious modern day concerns about environmental degradation and the threat posed to human health as a result of chemical inputs.Our products are bio-degradable, environment friendly, protect crops naturally and at the same time help to increase crop yield. ..Read More ..Read Less

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Kishan Bio Tech Company established in 2007, The state government recogized by the registration company by the main N.P.K Manure Magnesium Sulfate Bio Organic Manure Organic Manure As Well As Other Chemical Wholesale Trading To Come in.

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