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Alphonso Mangoes (Sun Impex Netherlands B.V.)



Micronutrient has very vital role in plant growth .They are required in less quantity but are essential and plays vital role in plant physiology like enzyme production,Auxin production ,immune system(defense mechanism) chlorophyll production (photo synthesis)root, Fruit ,and Flower formation and many others Nanomol F contains ferrous, manganese, Zinc, Copper, Molybednum, Boron. Deficiency of the se micronutrient abrupts the plant functioning in some or the other way by interfering in plants physiological process. Its chelated micronutrient so is stable under different pH conditions. Like ordinary micronutirnts it does not precipitate in hard water or soft water It contains Ferrous in Fulvic form. Dosage: 1 gm. / litre ..Read More ..Read Less

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We offer a premium range of advanced Micronutrient Fertilizers. Apart form primary nutrients NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) these micro nutrients (needed in small amounts) are essential in ensuring plant growth and quality. When applied in correctly these products offer remarkable results affecting the overall growth, yield and quality of produce. We offer these products at very reasona ble prices. ..Read More ..Read Less

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