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Alphonso Mangoes (Sun Impex Netherlands B.V.)



Put simply, hydroponics can be defined as; growing plants without using soil. Plants are supported in an inert medium, for example a rockwool cube, and are fed a nutrient solution. This nutrient solution contains all the elements a plant needs for healthy growth and so, rather than concentrating energy on searching for nutrition, the plant focuses all its energy on foliage and flower growth. Th e plant takes as much or as little nutrient from the solution as it needs. Growers that cultivate hydroponically like Arbor Biotech have full control over their plants development. By feeding different levels of essential elements at different stages in the plants life cycle it is possible to accelerate root development, stimulate – or slow – vegetative growth, and then trigger and enhance flowering. This constant supply of oxygen, nutrient and water accelerates plant growth and leads to increased yields. "Faster growth rate and bigger yields – majority of a plants energy is concentrated on foliage and flowering", "Harvest sooner – get more crops per year", "Water Efficient – no waste run off in re-circulating hydroponic systems." ..Read More ..Read Less

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India is a vast country with a huge population and the demand for proper food supply is growing by the minute. The best part is that 52% of India's land is cultivable versus the world average of 11%. There are more than 100 Million small farmers in the country and 400 Million workers in the agriculture sector. India also has 46 of the 60 types of soil and 20 agro-climatic regions. With proper use of science and technology, farmers can produce a lot more compared to what they currently do and also improve the quality of the yield to a great extend. Proper use of biotechnology helps solve the food demand problem and increase profitability of the farmer. ..Read More ..Read Less

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