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Alphonso Mangoes (Sun Impex Netherlands B.V.)



We are offering our patrons a wide array of MD2 Pineapple Tissue Culture. This process provides rapid production of pineapple plants and producing high yield crop in an astonishing shorter time. These are the most suitable planting material in pineapple cultivation and not infected as they are highly resistant to nematodes, wilt disease, mealy bugs, heart and root rot. The pulp is sweeter, more c omplex with less fiber and contains 4 times more vitamin C than most market varieties and has less fiber. We are providing these at market leading price range. ..Read More ..Read Less

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India is a vast country with a huge population and the demand for proper food supply is growing by the minute. The best part is that 52% of India's land is cultivable versus the world average of 11%. There are more than 100 Million small farmers in the country and 400 Million workers in the agriculture sector. India also has 46 of the 60 types of soil and 20 agro-climatic regions. With proper use of science and technology, farmers can produce a lot more compared to what they currently do and also improve the quality of the yield to a great extend. Proper use of biotechnology helps solve the food demand problem and increase profitability of the farmer. ..Read More ..Read Less

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