Organic Bio Pesticides for Nematodes Complete Protection

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Alphonso Mangoes (Sun Impex Netherlands B.V.)



We are offering wide range of Organic Bio Pesticides for Nematodes Complete Protection. These bio pesticides are widely used to protect the plants or crops from the attack of worms and pests, which can destroy the crops. Composition: Paeciliomyces Liliacinus 1.0% W.P.Contains at least (2 x 10)6 colony forming units (CFU) per gram dry wieght Directions For Use: Seed treatment: Prepare slurry by mixing 5 to 10 grams of supramino pacil in 25 ml of water and use this to coat 1kg of seeds. The coated seeds are to be dried in shade of 30 minutes before sowing them in field. Before transplanting seedlings: Mix well supramino pacil at the rate of 10 grams per liter of water and dip roots of seedlings for 15- 30 minutes before transplanting them in field. Nusery bed treatement : Mix well supramino pacil in water at the rate of 250 grams in 50 litres of water and soil drench to cover entire nusery area of 500 square meters (1.25 cents) Field application : Mix application supramino pacil 1kg in 25 kg farm yard manure ( FYM) and broadcast it in 4000 meters (one acre). If supramino pacil mixture is incubated with FYM for 7 days in a cool under place under shade and covered with a wet jute bag before broadcast application, the performance for supramino pacil improves dramatically. Packaging: Available in 1 Kg pack - 10 packs in a Carton ..Read More ..Read Less

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