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Alphonso Mangoes (Sun Impex Netherlands B.V.)



It is protein bio-stimulating agent. It contains, different amino compound like glycine, glutamic and l-cystene. Plant are required chlorophyll from carbohydrates. Don-super converts carbohydrates in chlorophyll from carbohydrates. Don-super in chlorophyll very fats by the natural process photosynthesis. So, don-super is the energetic medicine for plants. It increases the cell division, with incr ease the flowering and fruit size. The ingredients in don-super absorb the macro nutrients from the soil. It is highly recommended for agriculture and horticulture crops like grapes, banana, pomegranate, Ber, mango, cotton, chillies, melons, vegetables, strawberry. ..Read More ..Read Less

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The company is engaged in manufacturing and distribution of wide range of Plant Growth Regulators, Plant Food Extracts, Micro Nutrients, Pesticides, Weedicides and Fungicides. The company had carved a niche for itself by designing products that produce excellent results in the fields which are incomparable. Qualitative approach coupled with dedicated research is used to arrive at the final pro duct at a reasonable cost for the farmers. The company stands for its strong values and hence no compromise is acceptable in the company with respect to its dedication and commitments to its Customers. The company has a proactive approach to technology and hence boasts of sophisticated machines both in production and research. ..Read More ..Read Less

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