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Sudarshan is an organic certified insecticide from Krishidoot Bio Herbals, a house of organic product. Sudarshan organic certified insecticide derived from plant pectin. By foliar spray of Sudarshan we can protect plant/crop from mealy bug and all type of sucking insect. Sudarshan is biodegradable organic certified insecticide and formulated for plant protection under the Integrated Pest Manageme nt. Sudarshan also act as a repellent from fungal, viral, and bacterial attack. It is zero residue product. Dosages : 2 to 4ml per liter for foliar applications. ..Read More ..Read Less

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Krishidoot Bio Herbals have its own research monopoly Products includes organic, herbal and biological fungicides, insecticides, and growth enhancers. Krishidoot is also engaged in production of micronutrients and plant nutrients. We manufactured various chillated , straight and customized mix micronutrient grades. Our company believes “All culture will die tomorrow, but Agriculture never†ť, “customer first, Reputation first”. The company has strong hold in domestic and international market. Our agricultural inputs are widely supplied to agricultural industries dealing in Grapes, Pomegranates, Mango, Apple and Tea Gardens and Vegetable crops. Last but not list we have solution to each every problems in Agriculture. ..Read More ..Read Less

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