Controlled Atmosphere Cold Store for Fruits and Vegetables

Controlled Atmosphere Cold Storage
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Alphonso Mangoes (Sun Impex Netherlands B.V.)



We took the initiative of storage of Fruits & Vegetables for the first time in India in controlled atmosphere conditions and came out with exceptional results. We have been successful in storage of onions, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower and tomatoes in the few years of our existence and everyday we are improving techniques for post harvest handling and storage in controlled atmosphere conditions to prolong the freshness of the product. Most of these products are very difficult to store in conventional and ordinary storage systems because of which it creates shortage and price rise in off-season, but with Godwin even this problem is eliminated ..Read More ..Read Less

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Location Address Jaula Khurd, Derabassi, Punjab Number of Chambers 32
Per Chamber Capacity 200 Total Capacity 5500
Availability Period 12 Months Product Specialty Fruit & Vegetables

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Controlled Atmosphere is relatively new to India and hence the work done on this kind of storage is limited. Thus, we at Godwin

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