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Alphonso Mangoes (Sun Impex Netherlands B.V.)


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OJI JK Packaging Pvt Ltd established in June, 2012 in India. It is part of Oji Holdings Corporation with almost 140 years of history since establishment. The Oji Group has constantly been a leader in the pulp, paper & packaging industry. Together with business activities, Oji group also makes endless effort to improve environment. With the aim of expanding the brand name’s influence, Oji group established overseas branches. Seeing the growing demand in India Oji group established Oji Jk Packaging Pvt Ltd in India under a Joint Venture formed by Oji Holdings Corporation(Japan), Marubeni Corporation(Japan) and JK Paper Pvt.Ltd. OJI JK Packaging Pvt Ltd is established in India with the aim of providing complete Corrugated Packaging Solution for all sectors and to showcase the possibility of using corrugated board with innovative ideas. ..Read More ..Read Less

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